About Chris Weir
and Heritage Talks

Chris Weir has been active in heritage for many years.  As Principal Archivist (Public Services) at Nottinghamshire Archives he pioneered outreach work using historical records in schools, archives, community organisations, libraries and voluntary groups. He has written books on local and business history, including an acclaimed history of ‘Jesse Boot of Nottingham’.  He has compiled education source materials and put together displays on many different subjects.

Chris, since retirement from the Archives is now a heritage consultant and through ‘Heritagetalks’ he has supported many community events. In 2014 he organised a Youth Heritage Conference held at Wollaton Hall that provided an opportunity for young people to present their project work and meet each other to share their work and ideas.

Chris is vice chairman of the Nottinghamshire Local History Association and is actively involved with Friends of the Forest and its annual Inclosure Walk that celebrates the parks and open spaces set aside by Nottingham’s Inclosure Act of 1845.

He has spoken on local and national radio and been a regular speaker on the lecture circuit for three decades.

Heritagetalks’ may provide support for your heritage event or activity. Please contact Chris if you would like to meet or talk about your plans and ideas.

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